Pipe bending work

Our work equipment enables us to install high-pressure pipes with a diameter of up to 60.3 mm. We use special Ercolina and Ridgid pipe bending machines and presses based on modern Pace1 technology. These manufacturers’ tools are intended for professionals and designed to guarantee the best quality and fastest results in the field. In addition, these devices provide accurate and even workmanship.

Currently, we can bend pipes with the following dimensions:

6mm R16 25mm R56
8mm R24 28mm R90
10mm R24 30mm R67
12mm R38, R36 33,7mm R150
14mm R36 35mm R82
15mm R36 38mm R90
16mm R36 42mm R90
18mm R36 48mm R150
20mm R46, R67 50mm R120
21,3mm R46 60mm R150
22mm R46 60,3mm R150


Work involving other dimensions and radii can be done via special agreement.

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