Fire suppression system installation

The HI-FOG® high-pressure fire suppression system is a unique solution that puts out fires efficiently, while causing minimal damage to the surroundings. The system prevents oxygen from reaching the flames. Extra-fine water droplets absorb and dissipate heat emanating from the flames, virtually eliminating heat damage to the surrounding area. The amount of water used to suppress the fire is also significantly smaller than that of widely-used low-pressure sprinkler systems, which results in nearly no water damage compared to the alternatives.

You can find more information about the HI-FOG® fire suppression system here:

HI-FOG® technology was developed by the Finnish company Marioff. When constructing HI-FOG® fire suppression systems, we only use materials provided and tools approved by the manufacturer. This enables us to guarantee the high quality and proper performance of the system.

Our work equipment enables us to install high-pressure pipes with a diameter of up to 60.3 mm. We use special Ercolina and Ridgid pipe bending machines and presses based on modern Pace1 technology. These manufacturers’ tools are intended for professionals and designed to guarantee the best quality and fastest results in the field. In addition, these devices provide accurate and even workmanship.

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